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Artist and Character Designer

Top image © crispytyph
Background © Galen Crout

These are people I have blacklisted for my own reasons which will be shared.
If you are found selling anything by me to them you will also be blacklisted.

Anyone on this list is not allowed to use, own, etc. my art or designs.

Inconsiderate commissioner. Rushed me then demanded refund rudely a day after my grandfather died.

milqpeaches/[email protected]
Does not pay invoices even after being reminded multiple times.

gooeylynx on twitter, @/guilynx previously: vauds, tsunkitty, puppygf, etc
I covered a commission refund for her and was never paid back. Blocked me on all social media so I cannot contact. Rude, unprofessional, etc.

Continuously backs out of buying designs/OCs after not responding for days.

Constant stealing of OCs, ripping off and TOS violations. Do not do business with them if you can help it.

By adopting designs & characters from me you agree and will abide by my Terms of Use below!

I. Buying & Payment
⁃ Payment will be via PayPal. I can only accept USD. If you are from a country that does not deal with USD, please tell me before paying.
⁃ Payment must be sent via Goods & Services. Please check "no address needed" before sending payment.
⁃ If you fail to pay within 24 hours, it will go back up for sale, which you can again opt to purchase.
Refunds will NOT be issued. All adoptable sales are final.

II. Copyright & Usage Policy
⁃ Resale, trade, and give away of my adoptables is allowed. A heads up before selling/trading is preferred but not required.
⁃ Selling for more than purchased is only allowed when the design now has art with it (gift art does not count; your own art does).
⁃ You cannot claim copyright to my design, or fail to give credit. (it's required to give credit at least once!)
⁃ You may alter the design, change the species, etc. once purchase is made.
⁃ Making your own TOS/TOU above mine on a character or adoptable is absolutely prohibited and will get you permanently blacklisted.
⁃ Failure to comply with the usage policy will give you a spot on the PUBLIC permanent blacklist.

Last Amendment: July 20, 2020